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Firefighter Community Outreach

Our Very Special Surprise…

We were outside playing at the end of our court, just as we are almost every afternoon. Maddie was in her walker scooting about, and we had lots of little friends around. We see a fire engine start down our court, which is not completely unusual for our neighborhood, as our next door neighbor, Buck, is a fire fighter. But then we see another fire engine come. Five firemen get out and were saying hi to all of the children. Maddie is thrilled because she loves fire trucks and she loves Buck. I say hi to Buck and ask him if he is just here to show the kids the fire trucks. He explains, that no, they were actually here for Madison. The men gathered around us and Buck pulls something out of his pocket. He said that the firemen got together to help Maddie and gave us a check for $500.
We were flabergasted. Through tears, I think I said an appropriate thank you – but what do you say at a moment like this? It was one of the most touching experiences we have ever had. Thank you to the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Fighters. You are amazing and generous, and we appreciate this more than you will ever know. And thank you to our friend, Buck, who explained Madison’s situation to his colleagues and made this happen.
The firemen geared up so they could take a picture with Maddie. Maddie looks like the proudest little girl in the whole world.

Here is Maddies Web Site: Maddie and the Firemen