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Knox Box Requirements Knox Fire department access is required for any commercial project within the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District. Although not a requirement for residential projects, Knox Box appliances are highly recommended, where efficient access is a concern. Knox Box Questions

Why does my business need a Knox Box? Fire department access is required for any commercial project within the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District. The Knox Box is a secure key box system accessible only by fire personnel during emergencies requiring immediate access to a facility. The system eliminates the need to use forcible entry techniques resulting in costly damage to the facility. The Knox Box will never be used for non-emergency access such as business inspections.

How do I purchase a Knox Box?  Knox Box systems can be researched and purchased online at Knoxbox.com

I have received my Knox Box, where do I install it? The Knox Box shall be mounted on the right hand side of the main entrance into the building. The right hand side shall be determined by standing on the outside of the building looking at the main entrance. The Knox Box shall be mounted five feet to six feet above the finished grade. When a Knox Box is not being shared with other occupants, there will be a red Knox Box sticker included in the packaging when you receive your order. The sticker should be applied to the main door within twelve inches of the lock on the main door. In addition, some Knox Box models have a completely removable door. Keep the door in a safe place until the fire department locks the door into place.

Once I have installed my Knox Box what is the next step? Call the Fire Administration office at 209-869-7470 and request an appointment to have your keys placed into the box and locked. A member of the prevention bureau or an engine company will meet you at your location.

What keys should I have locked into my Knox Box? All entrance door keys, master keys, keys to electrical rooms, keys to all fire system locks and elevator recall keys. Also an emergency employee phone contact list, for after business hour response is recommended. I have been required to install a Knox Box. Does the owner or occupant pay for the box and installation? The cost is generally a negotiated item between the owner and the occupant. The business requiring the Knox Box will be held accountable in the inspection process.

Are there Knox Boxes available for my residence if I have a special need? Yes, the Knox Company does have a residential line and the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District approves their use.

If you have any further questions please contact our office at (209) 869-7470 or by email at fireprevention@scfpd.us