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Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District is a full-service, public safety organization. The career Operational Staff consists of Battalion Chiefs, Captains, Engineers and Firefighters working a consecutive 48-hour shift on a rotational schedule that comprises a 56-hour week. Each of the 3 Platoons (A–B–C) begins their “tour” at 07:00 and their service concludes two days later at 07:00. All off-duty personnel are subject to emergency overtime callback, (voluntary and mandatory) and to occupy vacancies due to sickness or vacation. The career personnel are supplemented by our cadre of Volunteer/Intern firefighting personnel. All Operational Staff is directed to acquire and maintain skills/proficiencies related to EMS, firefighting, rescue, etc.

The Deputy Chief of Operations leads and supervises the Battalion Chiefs. The Battalion Chiefs’ responsibilities include developing personnel scheduling, commanding emergency incidents, developing standard operational procedures, assessing resource needs, assisting with training requirements, and along with all employees, providing for safety of life in all circumstances.


The Shift Captains report to their assigned Battalion Chief. They are required to document and maintain company records, respond to and mitigate various types of emergencies, and assure that the crew and equipment are always ready for immediate response. Captains must regularly inspect private and public facilities, provide information to the public during prevention activities, and train consistently on an on-going basis to address any changes that may adversely impact their ability to adequately accomplish the duty of the fire service to the citizens of their community.

The Engineers and Firefighters are responsible for the routine care of all the equipment, and to maintain a high level of readiness for any incident. They maintain, inspect, and test all department resources to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. They train constantly in all aspects of their fire service duties. Many have additional responsibilities such as Maintenance Coordinator, EMS Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, and several are responsible for equipment such as: hand tools, SCBA–air packs, small engines and power tools.

The SCFPD Operational Staff currently responds to approximately 20+ calls for emergency assistance everyday, 24/7/365. We are an all-risk public safety agency and are proud of the job that we have the privilege to provide.