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Training Division

The Training Divisions primary focus is to develop the intellectual and physical competencies of each fire department member, so that each member can expand their contributions to the fire service and the community.

The Training Division welcomes the challenges and creative opportunities of the future, while remaining faithful to the excellence of the traditions and wisdom of the past. The Training Division will incorporate the best instructional and training methods to our members by utilizing current fire service data, performance standards, and modern technology.

The position of Training Captain is assigned to a 40-hour work week with a flexible schedule, adjusting to departmental needs. His responsibilities and duties include planning, prioritizing, assigning, supervising, and participating in all training needs of the fire agency. He reports directly to the Deputy Chief.


The Training Divisions overall goal is to provide our highly qualified firefighters with the training necessary to do their job safely and efficiently, carrying out the Fire Departments Mission.“Accepting The Challenge”