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The Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District is committed to the safety and education of the community it serves. Our goal is to provide every citizen within our district the highest level of safety awareness training available. The department can best accomplish this through Fire Safety Education. We currently can provide a number of fire safety education programs for you. The programs can be for large groups or small groups of all ages, at your location or at one of the fire stations, at times convenient for you or your group. The department can provide information and literature on many topics of fire safety, from home fire safety to work place fire safety. Please Contact our office for more information.

Community Requests If your School/ Preschool/ Daycare/ or Organization would like one of our Engines/Firefighters to attend an event or conduct a presentation  at your site, you may request a Public Education Event by calling our Administration Office at (209) 869-7470 or you may send requests to fireprevention@scfpd.us.